Pandemic Update

In this time of social distancing we are still running the Dojo. We are just not meeting in person. We are still keeping to our bi-weekly schedule with new Workouts posted every other Sunday in the Katas section. Mentor guidance is provided via Zoom teleconference during our 2 hour Dojo meeting time. Want to work on Dojo things outside of this time window? No problem! Coders can work at their own pace whenever they want. Have questions? Email the dojo at

What is CodeDojo?

CoderDojo is a movement oriented around running free, not-for-profit, coding clubs for young people.

At CoderDojo NOVA, young people learn how to code, develop websites, apps, programs, games and more. Our local chapter is set up and run by volunteers. The Dojo makes development and learning to code a fun, sociable, and cool experience. Think of the Dojo as more of a club than a school. While your child will learn coding skills. They will also learn so much more. We emphasize peer mentoring and self directed learning.

We put a strong emphasis on using open source and free software tools to maximize our ability to reach all interested coders! Being a part of the international CoderDojo organization, we enjoy a strong network of members and volunteers from the global community.

Our current (pandemic) location:

Your house!

Our former location:

Northern Virginia Community College

Annandale Campus

8333 Little River Turnpike

Annandale, VA 22003


Thomas Debass (@debass) and Gelila Teshome (@GelilaAmare) co-founded CoderDojo Nova in 2013, driven by their desire to expose their three daughters the universal language of the future: coding. We’ve now grown to host biweekly workshops with dozens of youth, and reach over 200 families across the Northern Virginia area.

We are a program of the 501(c)3 non-profit Startfield; and we are an independent chapter, unaffiliated with any other organizations such as CoderDojo DC or CoderDojo USA.


CoderNova has just one rule: “Above All: Be Cool”, bullying, lying, wasting people’s time and so on is uncool.


CoderNova is made possible by an awesome set of partners, parents, and mentors.  If you would like to join us, please email us at

Mentor Alumni


CoderDojo NOVA is supported by SySTEMic Solutions which provides a venue and other critical support to run the program.