Spring 2019: Workout #1 (02/10)


Welcome to or welcome back to the Dojo! We have a new version of Scratch! Before we get started on our first project, let’s sign up for a special Scratch account to use for Dojo work. Follow this link to sign up. If you don’t know what email to use find the big person that brought you here.

First Project (Everyone): Animate Your Name

In our first project, we are going to create some code in Scratch to animate our name in fun ways! When you are editing your Scratch code, click on the Tutorials button near the top of the screen. Then select the Animate Your Name tutorial to get an idea how to start. Download these cards to get some tips on how to animate the letters in your name. Keep it saved on your computer for future reference. It’s got lots of tips for future projects, too.

New to Scratch? Play the Getting Started with Scratch tutorial. It’s another good video showing how to program in Scratch.

Share your project, then put it in the class studio. We are going to have a quick show and tell in about 40 minutes!

Second Project (Scratchers): A Chase Game

For our next project we are going to make a simple chase game! Look at the chase game tutorial. What can you make?

Circuit Playground Express!!!

Scratch is super fun. You can keep working on it. Or you can team up with some friends and check out a new experience at the Dojo as we explore the capabilities of the Circuit Playground Express.

You can program the playground in three different ways. The first is a block language that looks a lot like Scratch. This tutorial gives a quick run down of the makecode language. Later we can try out the JavaScript implementation. And in a few sessions we can try out the CircuitPython language as well.

For now I want us to focus (primarily) on the super fun LEDs on the board that are called neopixels. Let’s work through this tutorial to figure out how to program the Circuit Playground Express to make all kinds of crazy light shows with the LEDs. Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.