Spring 2019: Workout #3 (03/10)

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Scratch Project

Today we are going to work on a music project! Are you a musician? If not, you will get a whirlwind intro to music theory. Let’s talk in a small group about what music you like. Do you play an instrument? Do you know any elements in Scratch that you can use to make music? Check out this tutorial to get some ideas. If you haven’t already, you can download this document that has some great project hints and tips (the music tips start on page 51).

Circuit Playground Express

We’ve looked at the LED output capability of the playground. We’ve also played with the accelerometer on the the playground. Today I want to send information to another playground! We are going to use the infrared emitter and receiver. As a reminder, the code editor is makecode.adafruit.com.

First we’ll just figure out how it works. Here is a test template that sends a number. Find a partner, then figure out how far away can you be and still send/receive a number? Next figure out a game that you can play where you send numbers back and forth. How do you do input? Buttons? Using the accelerometer? Touching a pad on the ring of the Playground? So many options! Good luck!