Spring 2019: Workout #4 (03/24)

New to the Dojo? Sign up for a Scratch account here. This is a special scratch account that is connect to the Dojo. It lets me reset passwords and other fun admin stuff. I’m going to be across the pond for this Dojo so we can catch up on paperwork next meeting.

Scratch Away!!!

In the past three workouts we’ve – animated our names, made a chase game, told stories, and made a music project. Today we are going to work on another game! I know we have some pretty advanced game creators in our midst. Let’s share tips and techniques. Just starting out? We’ll use the classic pong game as our entry point. Check out this tutorial to get started. Take a peak in the document we’ve been getting tips from all season. Pong game tips start on page 91.

Still thinking about one of the projects from a past session? Feel free to circle back and continue creating and exploring. When you “finish” the initial project think about how you can expand upon it. How can you make it better? What else can you do? More animations for the letters of your name? Adding music? More levels in the chase game? How to make it harder? How to make the sprite move faster on harder levels? Can you add another chapter to your story? A new scene? A bad guy? A new hero joins the plot? For the pong game, adding levels with the ball getting faster on each level. Multiple balls? Music? How about trying to recreate the awesome Atari Breakout game?

Circuit Playground Express

Today is infrared day (we continued with the music theme on the playgrounds last time)! Use the Network blocks to send and receive a number from a friend. Here is a template to see how it works. What is the range that this signal can travel? A few inches? A foot? 3 feet? 10 feet? Can you create a communication protocol to base a game on? (What is a communication protocol?!?) Good luck and have fun!