Coder Dojo NOVA Spring 2018

Spring Season Overview
Spring 2018 Workout #2 (3/11)
Spring 2018 Workout #3 (3/25)
Spring 2018 Workout #4 (4/8)
Spring 2018 Workout #5 & #6 (need to write these up!)
Spring 2018 Workout #7 (5/20)

From the Archives

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How We Train

We use the Scratch programming language created by MIT’s media lab. An additional resource that is freely available on the web is the Creative Computing book put together by Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. You can download the complete resource here. Or use the unit by unit break down below.

Creative Computing Workbook

Belt Requirements

  • White Belt and Tester
  • Yellow Belt and Tester
  • Green Belt (Coming not so soon)
  • Blue Belt (Distant future) 🙂
  • Red Belt (Distant future) 🙂
  • Black Belt (Distant future) 🙂