Spring 2020: Workout #3


New to the Dojo? Sign up for a Scratch account at the Scratch web site by following this link. It will create a new scratch account in the CoderDojo NOVA “classroom” giving you the ability to share with your fellow Dojo coders more easily.

Zoom meeting link. [Valid 2:00-2:40]

You will need to do some setup if you haven’t already Zoomed. Go to Zoom.us to get setup.



  • First time with Scratch? Check out Workout #1 and the Animate Your Name tutorial.
  • Worked through Workout #1 and #2? Look at the Unit 1: My Studio project.
  • Next try the Unit 2: Its Alive! and Music Video projects.
  • Make sure to share your work and post it to the Dojo’s Studio
  • Check out your fellow coder’s work and offer positive feedback!


Python activity

  • Read through and create your own Hangman Game Flowchart from Chapter 7 of the Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python
  • Code up the game based on the direction from Chapter 8.
  • Use this trinket.io to work through Chapter 8.


  • Play with Electron to see how to make an app based on JavaScript
  • I have been playing with MagicMirror to make a home dashboard on a Raspberry Pi