Spring 2020: Workout #6


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Sorry for the last minute posting. Yesterday was so beautiful. Couldn’t be inside! But here it is…

Video Overviews

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Check out prior workouts if you are new and need help getting setup.



  • Scratch – New to the game? Read through Pandemic Overview
  • Continue with your stories Unit 3
  • Or move on to creating a game, Unit 4!


  • Continue with your passion project!
  • Want to mash up JavaScript and Python? Try out Electron (see below).

Live Mentor Help!

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I looked in the Dojo Scratch Studio and sadly did not see a big pile of stories. That was supposed to be the result of last session’s work. My guess is the collaborative effort was too much for us at this stage. If you want to keep going with the stories of Unit 3, I encourage you to do so. Think about what makes a good story. Who is your hero? What problem does your hero face? Does your hero find any help along the way? Does your hero overcome the problem? Or are you writing a tragedy?

Unit 4 is about games. We will probably finish out the season working on games. (But who knows what the remaining time in the season will bring us?) Head over to the Creative Computing curriculum resource. Scroll down to Unit 4. Parents read through the Unit Overview. Coders go to the Starter Games project which is actually three projects in one. Pick your favorite a Maze game, a Pong Game or a Scrolling game. The project starts you off with the basics. Then we will start to layer on additional goodness. Good luck!


Hi advanced coders. We have put out a number of project ideas so far in workouts 1-5. As I run into new interesting ideas I’ll list them. But feel free to keep working on things from prior workouts. Questions? Join in the zoom call. Or send us an email.

This week I came across an interesting project combing python and JavaScript in the Electron application framework. I haven’t attempted working through the project myself. Can you be my Guinea pig?!? I have used the Atom text editor which is an Electron app. Also use the MagicMirror electron app. So I’m an Electron fan!

As always, good luck and happy coding!