Spring 2020: Workout #8


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Let the games continue! This is our third session focusing on games. I hope by this time you have the foundation of a game. Last session’s workout has the starting template info right on the web page for all the game types. Check that out if you need to see that again.

Now you should be ready to go to the next level! Can you add a score? How about music? Or how about adding a new level if you beat the first one? How would you make your game a little bit harder after you make it past a level? You can find more ideas at the Creative Computing site. Look up the Extensions project in Unit 4. I copied the links in the project below. There are all kinds of pointers on how to add neat new things to your game.

Advanced Coders

I’ll repeat my message from last time. Read through suggestions from Workouts 1-6. I’m sure you can find something in there to work on! As always if you have questions, pop in on our Zoom session or send us an email. Good Luck!