Season 5 Episode 2 (2/7)

I’m trying to catch up putting info on the site.

Here is a quick summary.

Novice Coders:
Continue About Me project
Worked on the 10 Block Activity
Continue working in Scratch for fun:
Ideas use the glide block. What glides? Make a little story using something that glides.
How about hide and seek?
Share your work in a studio.

Advanced Coders:
Help me make the white belt testing app in scratch.
Rotating spinner to get random input.
Enter the rainbow challenge novice and apprentice challenges.
Work on the debugging exercises in unit #1 pg 35.
Work on the Build a Band activity.
Start small. Create and interface. Next can you write a sequence of notes or even an extended sequence like a song? Can you figure out how to “record” and playback what you did?