Season 5 Episode 4 (3/6)

White Belt Testing Week!

Both Groups

Part of learning to code is being able to recognize good code.
What are some things that make Scratch code “good”?

People in the software industry say “clean code”. What do you think that means?

  • Organized
  • Readable (not just by you!)
  • Comments
  • Concise
  • Don’t repeat yourself

Form groups of 4.
Log on to the Scratch web site. (work with a partner if your laptop can’t log on)
Look through the Highlighted projects.
Find one you like.
Look through the code.
How does it work?
Do you like how they laid it out?
Does it make sense to you?
Do they do anything that you’ve never seen before?
Would you do anything differently?
In your group of 4, take turns showing the project you found and explain why you like it.
Go through the code and point out something you think is cool.

Novice Coders:

Performing Scripts activity Unit #2 pg 42
Conversations activity Unit #3 pg 60

Advanced Coders:

Dream Game Activity Unit 4 pg 74
Starter games