Season 5 Episode 6 (4/17)

Novice Coders

  • The Creature Construction Activity of Unit 3 (p 66)
  • Pass It On activity Unit 3 (p 68)


Advanced Coders

Several options this week

Working in Scratch:

  • Continue game develop following suggestions from Unit 4.
  • Ready to move on? Unit 5 asks the coders to Dive Deeper.
    • Reflect on what they know (about programming in Scratch).
    • Think about what they would like to know.
    • Go figure it out!
  • Advanced concepts in Unit 5
    • Video Sensing activity pg 98
    • Cloning activity pg 99

Intro to Python

All about the tools!

Do you use a password manager? WHY NOT!!!! Google “best free password manager”

Top on the list will be LastPass. You can try this or some other solution.

How do we share work and track revisions? git is the tool of choice for many software developers.

It is a little command line nerdy. So if you like UI’s try GitKraken. (Har har. Get the pun?)

Eventually if you want to share your awesome project with others you should sign up with GitHub. (Part of the reason for the password manager)

So finally Python!

There are a number of options of what version and distribution to install. Mac’s come with a version preinstalled. So as a starting point you could roll with that. But I recommend the Anaconda distribution because just about everything you will need is already included.

I recently was show an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) {the tool you use to write your code} that looks really nice.

A good first step is CodeAcademy‘s tutorial to learn python (they also have many other options including git)

Another good resource is this book designed to teach kids to code in python by writing games.

But probably the best way to get going (once you get some understanding of language syntax through a tutorial or book and the use of the IDE) is to think up a fun project and then figure out how to write Python code to get your project to work!