Season 5 Episode 7 (4/24)

Novice Coders:

We will be working on Games from Unit #4 of the Creative Computing Book.

  • Dream Game List – Discussion Activity
  • Start Games
    • Maze Game p77
    • Pong Game p78
    • Scrolling Game p79

Advanced Coders:

  • Art Warm Up
    • Make an automated art creator
    • Draw lines
    • Draw shapes
    • Change Colors
  • Plan Elements of the Yellow Belt Test
    • Expand white belt tester?
    • Mentor other coders
    • Independent Project
    • Research new language?
  • For Fun Code Challenges
    • First team to demonstrate wins
    • Teams of 3-4
    • Rotate laptop driver every 5 minutes (everybody gets a turn)


Try to complete the Guess the number game out of the Invent With Python Book