Season 5 Episode 8 (5/1)

White Belt Testing Today!

The Scratch project that is the test can be found here.

Novice Coders:

Anyone who is interested in trying go for their white belt should do so!

Today we will continue with your games that you started last time. Again this comes from Unit 4 of the book we have been using, Creative Computing. The three starter games (Maze, Pong, Scroller) all give starting block ideas to get you going. You can even take their starter projects (Maze, Pong, Scroller).

Each project gives additional ideas how you can extend and enhance the game. How can you make it better and even more fun to play? Multiple levels? Keep score? Add a time limit? More controls? Increased levels of difficulty? New key combinations to achieve different effects? If you don’t already have a design journal, this is incentive to get one. It helps to brainstorm what you want your game to look like first before you get lost in your code. Jot some ideas down in your journal. Then see if you can implement them!

If you want to try implementing a score on a totally new project. Check out the Score activity in Unit 4. They base it on a game called Fish Chomp! Code up your own version or start with their starter project.

We also have CoderDojo Sushi cards that have many ideas that you can add to your game! Look for them at the Dojo. For those playing along at home you can find the sushi cards here. Download the Letter All Cards v0615 version (they made that one special for me!).

Advanced Coders:

Anyone who is interested in trying go for their white belt should do so!

Today we will continue with some coding challenges! Select from the list of:

  1. Memory Game
  2. Tic-Tac-Toe
  3. You Tell Me

As I wrote in the Novice Coder section, it is a good idea to have a design journal to help you organize your thoughts and also to keep a record of challenges and solutions that you have come up with in the past. So before you start coding. Think about how you will solve the proposed challenge. Jot down in your journal (or type in a text file if you decide to keep an electronic journal {although you should be a good typist for this}) some ideas.

For the “You Tell Me” option, propose a project that is complicated enough that it will take you some time to complete. Can be anything really. Can involve graphics, sound, music, game play, story telling. It just can’t be 15 minutes and done! Plan on spending today and the next session on this project.

For the first two games, start with a version where two players play against each other. But keep in mind eventually I want you to play against the computer!

I would like to see some or all of these elements:

  • Score
  • Timer
  • Reset
  • Sound effects

Ultimate Challenge!!!

What I really want to see someone tackle is how would you get one Scratch project (memory or tic-tac-toe) to play against another project? How could two laptops communicate with each other??? I look forward to seeing your solutions!