Season 5 Episode 10 (5/29)

Novice Coders:

The school year is coming to a close. This is the last dojo of this session. And summer is just about to start! So this is a great time to reflect on the past year/semester and think about what you will be doing over the summer! One way we can reflect on the past and plan for the future is to create a little story that describes the things we did and the things we want to do. Take a few moments and think of 4 or 5 big things that you want to describe. It could be Dojo sessions you went to and the projects you made there. It could be the events that your team, club, troop, flock or whatever participated in. It could be all about your summer plans. Could be some of all three!

Once you have some ideas for what your story will be about, let’s create a narrator – you! Start by getting a couple images of yourself into the scratch project you will be working on. How can you do that? Hint: new sprite from camera? 🙂 Play around in the editor to chop away all the unwanted background. Add a pirate hat and an eye patch?!? Do whatever you want.

Next think of what backgrounds (or stages) would be good to show as you describe the events in your story. Your sprite could ‘say’ (looks palette) what you did at each event. Or you could record a little audio using the microphone? How do you want the user to navigate from event to event. Do you want them to participate by clicking on something? Or do you just want events to happen based on a timer?

Have fun! Make something fantabulous and amazerific! I can’t wait to see them.

Advanced Coders:

I’d like for us to start working on our mentoring skills a bit (a required component to earn the Yellow Belt!). Take 5 or 10 minutes and head over to the Novice room and see if you can help somebody out! We’ll talk a little bit about how to do that before you head over.

Take a peak at what I want the novice crew to work on. If that sounds fun, jump in and do one of your own!

Want to try something else? How about creating a web page? The CoderDojo Site sushi card set is a 10 page make a web page guide. Check it out! There are other more advanced web site sushi options as well. Look here.

Want to create a web page with some JavaScript?!? Here is another Sushi Card Set for that!

Want to see about Python? A couple of options here. The easiest to get started is a tutorial at Code Academy. Definitely the easiest to get started with (you don’t need to install python). But it is just a tutorial (which is not the most exciting thing). If you are willing to install python, this book with a bunch of simple games would be fun to work on.

And of course you could always continue on your epic quest to become a Scratch Ninja!

Have fun and good luck!