Fall 2016: Workout #7


Today we are going to continue and maybe finish? working on projects for the Cool Code Awards competition. This is a low key, no pressure showcase of the talent we have at the Dojo as well as the greater Northern Virginia area. Represent your Dojo and do us proud! There is no downside and the upside is the chance to win a number of exciting prizes! Your project can also serve the dual purpose as getting you further down the path to earn your yellow belt (or green belt if you are already yellowed up)!

If you do finish and are looking for some ideas for projects to work on today, I have a few.

  • Holiday Greeting Card
    • Thanksgiving – What are you thankful for?
    • What is the next holiday you will celebrate?
    • Elements you canĀ include:
      • Sounds / Music
      • Respond to mouse clicks
      • Animate your sprites response by changing costumes
  • Turkey Game
    • Gobble corn
    • Avoid hunters
    • Seek presidential pardon

Are you a Novice Coder?

These are coders who are just getting started. If you are new to coding in general or just new to Scratch (the language we use to get started) this is the group for you.

Are you an Intermediate Coder?

Coders who have done some scratch coding before (or maybe some other language) and who don’t need quite as much supervision. Sound like you? Great! Let’s get going.

Are you an Advanced Coders

What is the difference between an advanced coder and an intermediate coder? A couple of things. First an advanced coder knows Scratch or some other programming language pretty well. Second, and this is pretty important, an advanced coder is able to stay motivated and on task on their own or with a group of their peers. If you find yourself unable to resist the call of the latest web game, the intermediate coders are your people. If you forget to eat because you are still trying to figure out how to get the next feature to work in your project, you are probably an advanced coder. Now go eat!