Fall 2017: Workout #5 (11/19)

Novice Coders: Overview [Room 320]

Novice Coders: Details

These are coders who are just getting started. If you are new to coding in general or just new to Scratch (the language we use to get started) this is the group for you.

Last session we learned about the More Blocks syntax, event mechanisms, and backdrops in the context of Characters, Conversations and Scenes. I had you work on the three small projects above. Now it’s time to pull all of these things together and create an animated story. Let’s work for 3/4 of our time then show off what we were able to come up with during the last 20-30 minutes of our time together today!

And don’t forget to share in the Spring studio.

Everybody Else

New to the Dojo but not a novice coder? We need to talk! Come find me mentor after the dust settles when the Dojo gets started today. We’ll help you find your way.

Everybody else should be continuing work on their long term project. The registration deadline for the Cool Code Awards showcase is fast approaching. Let’s register today! Go to www.coolcode.co and have your parent fill out the registration form.

Registering is easy. Parents, you’ll need to know if your child wants to register as a team or individual. Then enter your child’s project name and have them describe it. Then supply names and addresses and contact info. The next thing you need to do is designate a sponsor, someone who will certify that your child’s project is ready for the competition. This can be a teacher at school, a software professional, or any of the adult mentors here at the Dojo. That’s it!

Coders, have you run into a wall with your project? Still looking to make your project even better? Look at the suggestions I wrote up in Workout #2. Do you want some suggestions on how to make your project better? Show your project to your fellow coders and see what they think.