Fall 2019: Workout #2


Today you have a couple options!

  • Work on a topic based on Scratch tutorials
  • Work on the next in the Creative Computing series from the Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Code up a simulation of a flu epidemic!

Circuit Playground Express-ers?!?

Pick out a hardware component and base your work today on that component. Don’t know what they are? Do some research here.

Want to figure out how to do Pythonic things on the playground? Read the Circuit python section of the above link.


PyCharm is a great development environment to do python work in. You can get it here. Get the community edition (Its free).

Do you need to download Python? You can download the Anaconda distribution to everything all at once.

Lots of fun project ideas at CoderDojo.com. Look here.


Several options. Cruise over to CoderDojo.com and dive into their resources and find an html project that lands for you.

Talk to me if you want to explore more advanced was to do web dev (node.js, flask, or something else!)