Spring 2017 : Workout #9 (6/4)

Last Day of the Spring Season!

  • What are we working on today?
  • 1st Hour
    • Finish projects
    • Take White or Yellow Belt test is you are ready
  • 2nd Hour
    • Dojo Wide Gallery Walk to show off your work!
    • Group 1 Demos 2:00-2:15
    • Group 2 Demos 2:25-2:30
    • Group 3 Demos 2:30-2:45
    • Group 4 Demos 2:45-3:00


  • If you are reading this, you have logged in. Look around and help any neighbors who are not there yet.
  • Want to give some feedback? Fill out this form
  • Room assignments are not a hard and fast rule. We just want to divide up somewhat evenly to spread the WiFi use!

Novice Coders: Overview [Room 320]

Novice Coders: Details

We are going to close out the season working on Games and Story projects. You can use all the skills you have been learning. Use all the resources you have available to you. Including:

  • All the projects we have looked at this season. You can find links to all of them in the Workouts on the Katas web page.
  • Someone sitting next to you!
  • A “Sushi Card” – short coding tips on a two page card
  • Ideas from the Coder Dojo website
  • Advice from the wise and all powerful mentors!

Everybody Else

I’ve been cutting and pasting the same text for several weeks. I’m sure you’ve memorized it by now! If you haven’t refer back to a previous workout. 😉 Try to finish up your project this week. Next week if you have your project done and want to take the yellow belt test, you should plan to do that in the first hour. In the second our we will be doing the Gallery Walk which I described above to showcase our projects. Good Luck!