Spring 2018 : Workout #3 (3/25)

Novice Coders

These are coders who are just getting started. If you are new to coding in general or just new to Scratch (the language we use to get started) this is the group for you. If you’ve started to feel more comfortable and want to see what everyone else is doing, read down below and see if that appeals to you. You can move between groups to find the best match for you.

Last workout we experienced some technical difficulties but I heard that we persevered! Good job. If you missed the last workout or didn’t get as far as you wanted, you can always look back at the plan for Workout #2. If you are ready to move on, keep reading!

Last session we worked on the Build a Band project. After you finished your project, I wanted you to share it by putting it in our Spring studio. If you haven’t already done so, please share your project by putting it in the studio. Don’t know how? Ask another coder to see how they did it. Now that you’ve shared your project, check out what your fellow coders have done. Have questions how they did something? Search them out and ask! This is an important part of our Dojo experience. Don’t skip it!

Today we are going to continue to work on our Scratch skills. The focus will be on animating our sprites! The instructions are very simple. Create a Sprite. Move it. Change its costume. Repeat. Here is the It’s Alive project write up. What else can you do to animate your sprite? Remember if you want to know more about a block go to the Tips pull down and then click on the blocks tab in the tips section.

The second project for today is called Music Video. In this project we will build on what we did in the It’s Alive project and add music! Yeah!

Looking for yet another challenge? At the Dojo we encourage progress through our belt system. If you don’t have a white belt yet, take a look at the White Belt Requirements. If you know how to do all of the challenges in the requirements, you are ready to take the White Belt Test. If you want to practice the test, you can by practicing with the actual testing tool found here.

mBot Coders

Today will be the last “official” mBot day. If mBot’s are your thing though, you can continue working with them in subsequent sessions. I’m going to bring a figure eight track and a number of obstacles. Let’s see what you can do to make it through the obstacle course or follow the line (or both)! Who can go around the track the fastest? Can you write line follower code that works as well as the built in version? Can you write code that works better?!? Let’s find out!

Everybody Else

Working on something else? Try to recruit people to work on a similar project. Don’t be an island unto yourself. (Or why are you here?)