Spring 2018 : Workout #4 (4/8)

Novice Coders

These are coders who are just getting started. If you are new to coding in general or just new to Scratch (the language we use to get started) this is the group for you. If you’ve started to feel more comfortable and want to see what everyone else is doing, read down below and see if that appeals to you. You can move between groups to find the best match for you.

If you have made it to all the sessions this season you should have a nice little portfolio of your work. That portfolio should include:

I’ve also asked that you share these projects in our Spring Studio. Based on the fact that of the 4 projects in the studio, 3 are projects I put there, I think I have been a bit aggressive with the pace this spring. Based on that understanding, let’s take a breath and revisit some of these projects and make sure we are absorbing the main points of each project.

One size does not fit all. So if you have completed all projects todate and are looking for the next thing, consider this collection of three projects:

Understanding the guts of these projects will set you up for next time when we are going to create a story!


Today we will install the software tools. I’m bringing things on USB. Don’t try to download these at Dojo. They are too big and the wifi too meager. But for reference grab the 3.x version of this python distribution. And the community (free) edition of this programming environment. Once we get this installed, we’ll do the classic ‘Hello world’. Then a guess the number game. Then if we get a chance some turtle graphics!

mBot Coders

The three sessions of “official” mBot exploration have come to a close. But if mBot’s are your jam, you can continue working with them. Want some ideas what else to learn about with these fun bots? Try responding to the remote control. Can you make your bot perform an action when a button on the remote is pushed? Do you know how to program the mBot so on power up it just runs the code you downloaded? Do you know how to make the LEDs change color? To play sounds? These are things I think you need to have in your toolbox. Good luck!

Everybody Else

Working on something else? Try to recruit people to work on a similar project. Don’t be an island unto yourself. (Or why are you here?)